My story

Pleased to meet you, my name is Chona, I was born in Iloilo City in the Philippines and I am the sole owner and manager of M&M Modelling Agency and MM-Milano clothing brand. 

I grew up and raised in the small island of Guimaras located in the heart of the Philippines Archipelago, famous for the world’s sweetest mangoes and popular for the wild nature and wonderful sandy beaches.

During my childhood I have developed the taste and appreciation of beauty, fostered by the intense colours of the elements around me:

the deep blue waters of the ocean, the white sandy beaches, the intense sunlight glare, the deep green of the tropical vegetation. These elements blended together, matured within myself through my phases of life and became the foundation of my concept of beauty and exotic design. From the remote Philippine Island I transited in Hong Kong where I lived for many years. This experience gave me the chance to appreciate the modernity and the continuous mutation of things which are typical traits of this vibrant city. I eventually decided to move to Italy following my family need to relocate and I finally landed in Milan  – one of the world’ fashion capital. The story began here. I have founded M&M Modelling Agency in 2016 following my natural passion and inborn vocation for fashion and show production. It all started as a simple hobby and it soon became my professional achievement and childhood dream come true. 

M&M Modelling Agency is known to be one of the first modelling agency in Italy who has broad selection of Asian models ranging from infants to adults models and actors work together as a team….. family, rather!!

Although Asian models are our agency’s front line, we also have a large number of international models and we invite you to discover all of us at the M&M Family!


Chona P. Bacaoco

M&M Modelling Agency offers a wide variety of services with focus on Asian and mix-Asian Models.

Our Services

we provide

Actress, Actors
Models (kids and adults)
Ballerinas, Dancers
Event host

We offer

Modelling and acting workshop
Fashion and Clothing
International Fashion Shows (Fashion Week)
Casting for kids and adults

We Collaborate

Event Organisers/Planners
Fair organizations

Production for

Short films
Music videos

Our Blogs

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U-Power – TV Commercial

M&M Modelling Agency collaborated with MRK Production for the creation of this Commercial through its great Professional Talents! (PHOTO credit to MRK Production.

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